Our Story

Hi there!

My name is Aixa and I married my wonderful husband, Jake, on December 21, 2014.

We adopted the Bean almost a year and a half ago and that monster has changed our lives! She’s bratty and needy and so annoying but the cutest most fluffiest pup ever! I just knew she had to be the brand of all our inventions.

I graduated from Ringling College of Art, in Sarasota where we both live, with a BFA in Illustration. I have worked on a couple of children’s books and was lucky to land a job as a graphic designer for a local bulk mail company. I wanted something more though! I always wanted to be a freelance artist and work from home. I mean, wear pajamas all day?! Sign. Me. Up! After spending time designing my own prints and cards, I learned about planner stickers. Sweet Bean Plans  was born on June 2015 and I haven’t had a chance to look back! Between doing freelance illustrations and drawing up new stickers for the shop, I’ve been a busy bee. On October, 2015 I started working from home full time and it has been an amazing transition. I never would have imagined that I would get to grow my business from the ground up, but that is exactly what we are doing with all of your love and support!